Wiltshire anxiety and trauma expert Jane Evans has joined forces with one of Asia’s leading parenting coaches to help tackle the rise in suicides among the young overseas.

Jane_&_QueenieJune 28, 2018 — Childhood trauma specialist Jane Evans from Wiltshire has partnered with Asia’s premier parenting coach Foong Kwin – known as Queenie Tan in English – to work with parents and carers in Malaysia to help their children cope with modern-day anxieties.

Jane, who recently appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to discuss consent and respect for children with presenter Piers Morgan, is due to fly out to Malyasia in July for the first time to help Queenie create a ‘boot-camp’ for parents keen to learn their life-changing skills.

Jane, who lives in Wiltshire, said: “Childhood anxiety is sadly a global problem many parents are slowly waking up to – while feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do.

“Working with Queenie Tan in Asia is a real opportunity to improve outcomes for families and for future generations. Culturally in the Far East there are expectations to hide and suppress emotions and needs from a young age. A strong work ethic dominates with many parents juggling children’s anxiety and long working hours.”

“Queenie and I are on a mission to show parents things must change to safeguard their children’s health and life outcomes.

“It is an exciting collaboration where West is meeting East to offer support that can transform generations to come,” Jane said.

Jane, a mum of one, has helped impacted children, young people, parents and carers via the NSPCC, Barnardos, children’s services across various local authorities and in domestic violence situations in the UK for more than 20 years.

Queenie, is from Malaysia but has lived, worked and studied in other Far Eastern countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan which have rigid, conservative cultures contrasting with modern, high-stress lifestyles.

She is also a mum, of Charles 13 and Kevin aged ten. She is famous throughout the Far East for her work helping parents develop their ‘parenting intelligence’. This means they can better ‘read’ their children’s anxiety cues, interpret them accurately and respond appropriately.

Jane and Queenie collaborated several years ago on a series of podcasts about parenting and childhood anxiety.

Queenie said: “Emotional intelligence is not something Asians teach our children, it’s something we haven’t really figured out yet. We are seeing an increasing number of adults who are overweight, who have very poor health, and who have a really bad work ethic – in that they work extremely hard, and often themselves to death.

“We are very progressive but, due to our lack of emotional awareness, our children bear the brunt, where they are coping and growing up without their parents at home.”

Now Jane and Queenie have created a course and an online programme called ‘Raising Your Child’s EQ: A Step-By-Step Approach…’.

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