Digital Performance Gear Announces ShakoX, New Headwear for Marching Bands

Custom wraps and five plume locations offer maximum flexibility for changing uniform looks

Headwear for Marching BandsCONCORD, NC, February 15, 2018 — Digital Performance Gear (DPG) announced the release today of ShakoX, new headwear for the pageantry arts. ShakoX gives ensembles the flexibility to create different headwear looks for a variety of performance venues, allowing them to transform their look without having to purchase a whole new uniform.

“ShakoX continues our mission of creating pageantry arts products that are innovative and exciting, allowing for a better way to coordinate with your show every year at a cost-effective price point,” says DPG owner Ryan Bybee. “With the ShakoX, ensembles can have options for half-time and competitions, but also have options for parades, school events, and pep rallies. They will easily be able to generate the right mood for the right event with this new headwear.”

The ShakoX features a design innovation with five options for plume placement. “Bands can get a new look simply by changing the orientation of the plume on the ShakoX base,” says Bybee.

The new ShakoX base is also customizable with quick-switch wraps. “The wraps are super flexible and can be created with different shapes and artistic designs. You can start the show with one look, and then easily switch to another color/design half-way through.”

Bybee says the ShakoX has value beyond the traditional marching band season. “This product will also work well for Indoor Winds and Percussion ensembles or for any ensemble that incorporates headwear into their productions.”

The ShakoX is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

For more information on DPG’s new ShakoX, please contact or call 888.461.1899.

Digital Performance Gear creates innovative products for marching band ensembles, providing textile manufacturing, design services, and decorated apparel. More than uniforms. More than floors, flags, and props, DPG’s passion is inspiring creativity. Visit DPG on the web at

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