Black Diamond PR Firm Announces Launch of Texas Radio Promotion and Music Production Services

Dallas based Public Relations Firm who specializes in the Entertainment Industry launches Radio Promotion and Production Services

Black Diamond PR FirmDALLAS, TX, April 20, 2018 — Black Diamond Firm is an Award-Winning, Full-Scale Public Relations Firm in Dallas, Texas. The company just recently celebrated their 11th year in business serving the entertainment industry. This PR Firm serves a wide array of clients in the industry, including actors, authors, athletes, musicians, public speakers, and small businesses. The company also has an award-winning product placement division that has risen to be one of the most trusted and acclaimed of its kind, touting placements for high-profile and red carpet events such as the NFL Draft Classic, The CMA’s, and the Miss America Pageant. The company has also placed products in major motion pictures and TV, with big names such as Disney and National Geographic. With so much history and recognition in its first ten years, the company has flourished beautifully in the hands of a hands-on CEO, a relentless staff of talented publicists, writers, consultants, and a diversified resume of over 800 clients across the entertainment industry.

To celebrate their eleventh year in business, the company has announced the launch of their highly anticipated Texas Radio Promotion Services as well as Music Recording and Production Services with two music recording studios to choose from. “The ability to help artists record music, as well as promote their music to radio stations across Texas has been a long time coming,” Vice President, LeAnn Sellers, explained. “We have been working on this concept for over two years and it has finally been polished and is ready to serve the musicians in our area.” The Firm, long known for its reputation of integrity, affordability, and incredible business acumen, has developed a full-scale service approach to the artists in the music industry. “We love our clients. There is nothing like sitting down with a potential client, being able to hear their story, and see their eyes sparkle when they talk about where they want their careers to go, “CEO, Brandy Runyan explained, “We have always sought to be part of that. We want to help them achieve their dreams, even if it means learning something new to make it happen.” The company’s new music services give bands an opportunity to keep all of their music production, promotion, and marketing all under one roof, with a team of individuals that they love and trust.

The Firm’s Music Director, Jeremy Phifer, who is already well known and respected in the music industry, had this to say about the new services, “We’re here to be major players in the music industry. Our service is going to be competitive in the Texas markets and we’re ready to work with artists who are ready to do something big.”

The firm has turned over management of the radio promotion of artists to another big name in the radio industry, David “Super Dave” Millsap. Dave Millsap has a long and distinguished career in radio and is a four-time Texas Regional Radio Awards nominee for On-Air Personality of the Year. With a career in broadcasting spanning the past three decades, “Super Dave” brings a lot to the table when it comes to the music industry. Dave Co-Hosts “Paris Live Open Mic”, which is a two hour radio program that spotlights local artists in the Paris area, and airs on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm on 104.3- The River. Dave Millsap’s extensive knowledge of the music industry and flair for radio promotion made him the perfect selection for the role of Radio Promoter. His experience in radio will prove to be as asset to Black Diamond PR Firm’s Music Division, as well as artists looking to climb the Texas Music Charts. In addition to Music Production and Radio Promotion, the Firm also offers EPK Creation, Band Booking, and Management options for rising musicians, as well as marketing and PR. The Firm recently announced their affiliation with the Country Music Association (CMA), as members, and are also members of the Public Relations Society of America.

Reflecting on the past decade, this “tiny Firm that could” has come a long way from the midnight kitchen table concept that it once was. From product placement with the Kardashians to hobnobbing with Thomas Rhett, to representing one of the sole survivors of the WTC Towers collapses on 9/11, their myriad of impressive clientele hasn’t kept them from being the same humble company they started out as. “I’ve poured my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and talent into building this company, and I couldn’t do it without the amazing staff that I work with. We couldn’t ask for more talented clients either, they are the real heroes in their own success stories. We are just here to cheer them on,” remarked Runyan.

Don’t let the growth fool you though, word on the street is that they are still one of the most personal and best- loved small firms in the industry.

Black Diamond PR Firm is an Award-Winning Public Relations Firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in the entertainment industry, representing Actors, Models, Athletes, Writers, Musicians, and Small Businesses. Black Diamond PR Firm also services as Product Placement specialists, helping small businesses get their products into TV/Film, and the hands of celebrities.

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