Songs for Sound #HEARtheMUSIC Project Supports America’s Heroes Living with Hearing Loss at the 119th VFW National Convention

The #HEARtheMUSIC Project travels the nation to raise awareness and promote access and action around hearing loss, the number one service-related injury affecting veterans

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing/buzzing/humming in the ear) are the #2 and #1 military injuries, respectively.
Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing/buzzing/humming in the ear) are the #2 and #1 military injuries, respectively.

KANSAS CITY, MO, July 21, 2018  — Songs for Sound, a Nashville-based charity working to protect and restore hearing for the 466 million people worldwide that suffer from hearing loss, brings a free hearing health clinic to the 119th VFW National Convention on July 21-24th in Kansas City, MO.

Hearing loss is a growing national health crisis and it is on the rise among all age groups. Veterans are among the most highly affected. Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing/buzzing/humming in the ear) are the #2 and #1 military injuries, respectively.

The #HEARtheMUSIC Project’s mobile hearing health clinic is presented by Cochlear Americas, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions. Other sponsors include the Memorial Foundation and Phonak. The clinic travels the nation conducting free hearing screenings on Otokiosk touch-screen systems. The clinic also educates the public on the risks of noise induced hearing loss and dispenses free hearing protection generously provided by Cochlear Americas to safeguard those ears. (Click HERE to see the clinic in action.)

Results from the first two years of the #HEARtheMUSIC Project highlight the significance of its mission. Over 17,000 of free hearing screenings have been given and 56% of participants were referred to local audiologists for further testing. The results are due to tour’s targeted approach. While weekends are reserved for large expos such as the VFW Convention, weekdays are focused on community events at YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, local charities, senior communities and more. The charity’s founder, Jaime Vernon, searches for events and organizations where people need help. “At the end of the day,” Vernon shares, “hearing loss is everywhere. You can’t hide from it.”

These numbers sound the alarm that as a nation, we need to better identify and treat hearing loss, especially among veterans. Untreated hearing loss is linked to depression, anxiety and social isolation as well as a greater risk of falling, cognitive decline and increased rates of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. In the workforce, untreated hearing loss contributes to less productivity, early retirement, disability retirement and job loss.

Untreated is stressed because 90% of hearing loss is highly treatable. Currently, only 14% of the 48 million living with hearing loss in the U.S. are taking advantage of today’s hearing technologies. This is a crisis we cannot afford, both from a healthcare and a quality of life standpoint.

“Hearing loss is deeply personal for me,” says Songs for Sound founder Jaime Vernon, whose daughter Lexi received bilateral cochlear implants at 19 months old. “We had to fight for months to get the diagnosis and care our daughter needed. Today, my deaf child is a typical 9 year-old girl who is academically successful in a mainstream school, excels in softball, swimming and basketball, and sounds just like her peers.” Vernon’s passion for the military is honest. Both of her nephews serve in the US Army out of Fort Campbell in Tennessee.

“Cochlear is proud to support Songs for Sound’s efforts that provide access to free hearing screenings, hearing health and hearing treatment information to thousands across the United States,” said Patricia Trautwein, audiologist and vice president of marketing and product management for Cochlear Americas. “It’s especially gratifying to have a role in bringing this information and access to our veterans who, through their service to our country, are so commonly affected by hearing loss.”

The #HEARtheMUSIC Project runs entirely on sponsorships and donations. To support the mission and GIVE THE GIFT OF HEARING click HERE.

Songs for Sound is a Nashville based 501c3 charity that strives to protect and restore hearing, using music as inspiration and outreach, to improve the lives of the 466 million people suffering from hearing loss. The #HEARtheMUSIC Project aims to reach 50,000 ears across the nation by 2020.

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