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Naz and Sarah partner to help other writers
Author and radio presenter Naz Ahsun has launched a new publishing company to help would-be writers get into print. Working with graphic designer and illustrator Sarah Ray, they’ve launched Vision Maker Press to support new and nearly new authors.

June 13, 2018 — Author and radio presenter Naz Ahsun has launched a new publishing company which aims to help would-be writers get into print.

Naz has teamed up with graphic designer and illustrator Sarah Ray to launch Vision Maker Press, which offers authors a variety of packages to help new and nearly-new authors on their self-publishing journey from manuscript to book.

The company aims to be an independent publisher with a difference, offering writers a bespoke service to help them produce the best book that they can.

Naz, who presents the paranormal show, The Outer Limits and The Good News Show on Swindon 105.5 (community radio), has recently published her own second book, The Little Book of Animal Wisdom – through her own company.

She said: “Sarah and I have known each other for some time and a chance remark led to the creation of Vision Maker Press. Our skills work well together, and we realised we could help others who want to self-publish – yet be efficient and effective in doing so.”

Vision Maker Press will specialise in working with first-time or second-time authors who are serious about writing and publishing their book yet need some guidance to take the right steps.

“We’re looking to work with anyone who feels they have a story to share which could help or inspire someone else. It can often feel, when you are going through an experience, that you are the only person going through it and knowing someone else has been through something similar can be very empowering and open up new possibilities,” Naz said.

Sarah said: “I work with many authors already in my graphic design business. As I got to know Naz, I found her books to be well written and fluent with strong content and, in my experience, this is unusual. I made an off-the-cuff comment that we should help other authors as I’m the visual person and Naz is the content person. Here we are some months later, launching our publishing company for those who wish to self-publish their stories. It’s amazing.”

Naz, who lives in Oxfordshire and Sarah, who is from Pembrokeshire, will also be running events for new authors to meet up and connect.

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