‘Techpreneur’, author, speaker and strategic advisor, Julie Choo, is launching a pioneering book, The Strategy Journey. The book will uncover the five-step method of digital transformation required to leverage digital solutions and boost profits.

Julie Choo sitting sidewats in a chair. ‘Techpreneur’, author, speaker and strategic advisor, Julie Choo, is launching a pioneering book, The Strategy Journey. The book will uncover the five-step method of digital transformation required to leverage digital solutions and boost profits.
‘Techpreneur’, author, speaker and strategic advisor, Julie Choo, is launching a pioneering book, The Strategy Journey. The book will uncover the five-step method of digital transformation required to leverage digital solutions and boost profits.

November 16, 2017 – Julie Choo, a seasoned and dynamic leader of digital transformation in global businesses who applies ‘structured thinking’ to a business’s strategy, customer services and operations, is to release her first book, The Strategy Journey, in early 2018.  This ‘manual of business transformation’ in the digital age presents a unified approach to planning and executing transformation supported by engaging illustrations, templates, diagrams and case studies, supported by e-learning videos and quizzes.

It is tipped to be the most practical and resourceful business book that CEOs, CIOs, COOs, HR and transformation professionals will read in 2018.

Uniquely, Julie and her international team of co-creators gained access to business operations leaders in some of the world’s most successful and pioneering companies, including Tesla, Grab, Just Eat and Amazon as well as new innovative startups like Picnic and Espresso Go who are leveraging and innovating with digital technologies including big data, blockchains and AI, on which the method and case studies of the book are practically built.

The result is a concise step by step manual which is built on best practices from around the world and distils them into a process which can be easily learnt and replicated.

Serial globetrotter Julie Choo, who was born in Singapore and holds Australian and British nationality, has a background in electrical and telecommunications engineering, as well as data analytics. She has spent her career coaching CEOs, architecting, changing and implementing operating models with focus into process and data. Ever the pragmatist, Julie is looking to fund The Strategy Journey with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign beginning on Monday 20 November 2017.

After 15 years of gaining experience from the biggest firms in the world as well as helping small enterprises scale their business strategy journeys, Julie has created a unique framework for success front-to-back and end-to-end across the operating model of a business. It provides the glue to bridge the gap between strategy design and execution. This is the essence of The Strategy Journey.

Julie Choo says, “Increased digitisation is a challenge for a lot of businesses, but it’s also an opportunity. The challenge with fintech, for example, is for existing financial services institutions to redesign their operating models to fit new digital products as well as leveraging digital solutions in partnership with other players in a new digital ecosystem. Meanwhile, agile start-ups have the opportunity to disrupt the market with intelligent new products and small teams – as long as their digital transformation processes are well worked-out and they know how to invest in the right digital technologies – like blockchain and AI – to support their businesses.

“That’s where The Strategy Journey can help, in a broad range of industries such as fintech, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, transport and automotive, engineering and telecommunications, energy, public sector services, food and consumer goods or retail. The book also examines key emerging trends like smart cities, data science, artificial intelligence and more. By following the five-step method set out in the book, business leaders can understand how to align their organisation to their vision and build an executable roadmap to deliver profit, differentiate themselves from their competitors, optimise their resources including leveraging the latest but most appropriate digital solutions and become agile and responsive.

“The Strategy Journey is unlike any business transformation book that you’ve read before. Instead of abstract theory, the team of expert co-creators and myself have been travelling the globe interviewing business leaders at global firms as well as emerging and high-growth start-ups. We have summarised years of industry experience to put together case studies analysing what makes these industry leaders and ‘gazelles’ stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. In our rapidly changing business ecosystem, my goal is to make available business strategies that were only previously available through top consultancies. I want to make digital solutions like AI and blockchain accessible to everyone across different generations and help every type of business – big or small – to ensure they don’t get disrupted.”

The book sets out the five vital parts of a business’s journey:

The Mission Model, how to form blueprint and a game plan which is closely aligned to your goals to turn your business vision into reality.

The Business Model, how to define your customer model and proposition model to turn a profit and deliver ROI.

The Value Model, how to differentiate your business through the value chain and the customer journey.

The Operating Model, learn to manage your team and optimise resources, including your people, processes, data and systems, as well as new digital technologies like AI and Blockchain, to deliver outcomes that align to your strategy.

The last model is the Transformation Model, in which the tools from The Strategy Journey framework help you to transform your business with agility and manage change in a way that ensures sustainability.

Julie Choo is the lead author of The Strategy Journey, and is supported by a global team of co-authors and contributors.

Graham Christison (PhD), the books co-author, has an analytical background leading transformation in the technology, data and operations side of the financial services industry, having worked at a senior level for global Tier 1 firms such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

Contributors include Lauren Houghton, a strategic adviser to global blue-chip organisations around the world, who focuses on performance management, human resources and organisational development. Sam Chia, a sought-after Singaporean C-suite coach who wrote Coaching in Asia – The First Decade and has developed the strategic thinking of leaders in a broad range of businesses.

To find out more about The Strategy Journey, please visit the website: http://strategyjourney.com/

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About The Strategy Journey

The Strategy Journey gives the reader insights and intelligence into a business that they wouldn’t otherwise see, helping them to design and implement solutions that they wouldn’t otherwise be capable of delivering.

In the book, author Julie Choo introduces her framework for mastering the five stages of any business’s strategy journey. She will explain WHY knowledge of how The Strategy Journey works can make the difference between success and failure, WHAT value the framework brings, and HOW to apply it to create business success.

About Julie Choo

Julie Choo is a techpreneur, author, speaker and strategic advisor focused on education and learning, financial services, innovation, business strategy, business architecture and technology.

Company Website:   http://juliechoo.com/

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