izzBreez, A German Startup, Aims To Save 1 Tonne of C02 per Annum With Their Organic Cotton Dresses

izzbreeze dressFrankfurt, Hessen – 03/08/18 — Today, izzBreez, a PETA approved Vegan Startup, announces the official launch of its crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter for its organic cotton smart-causal dresses for day-to-night style.

izzBreez dresses are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton using traditional hand-weaving techniques. Every single handloom used to make izzBreez fabrics will save 1 tonne of CO2 per year. Making just one dress on a handloom will not only save CO2, but will employ 10 more people than making it on a machine.

The founder of izzBreez, Aliza Auernhammer, asserts, ” We want our customers to maintain their sense of style without compromise or without harming our beautiful planet. Sustainability is not a trend for us, therefore, we feel duty-bound to ensure that our eco-friendly fabrics not only sustain the health of soil and ecosystems but also of the people involved in making them. With our cruelty-free dresses, we want women to look and feel great.”
izzBreez strongly believes in fair-living wages, healthy and safe working conditions and every artisan who works with them gets fair local wages, which also helps to fight child labor because when parents get fair wages, children can go to school.
izzBreez dresses are ethically made by highly skillful hand-weavers and artisans in Bangladesh, who are struggling to make a living since they cannot compete with the fast fashion industry. ” we want to empower the talented rural Bangladeshi women and artisans by creating jobs for them. We want the hands who make our clothes to be happy hands, living fulfilled lives,” says Aliza Auernhammer.

With izzBreez dresses, one can wear beautiful clothes with pride, knowing one is making a difference where it matters. By joining the izzBreez movement, one can play a part in keeping traditional hand-weaving techniques alive, help fight child labor, empower the rural Bangladeshi women while at the same time help save the planet – one dress at a time.

For more information visit izzBreez on kickstarter or izzbreez.com

About izzBreez:  izzBreez is a German Fashion Startup that aims to create ethical, organic and cruelty-free clothes that are beautiful, classy and timeless. Sustainability is a core value that izzBreez adheres to, ensuring not only that their fabrics and dyes are eco-friendly and sustaining the health of soil, ecosystems and people, but also that their whole supply chain partners are working under fair conditions – from the organic cotton farmers to the hands who design and make their clothes.

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