Lahle Wolfe, Founder, Women 40260My (Short) Story

My name is Lahle (Wolfe) Ehrlich, I live in Los Angeles with my wonderful husband, with, “a whole lot” of dogs, cats, bunnies, and horses.  Together we have six children — all brag worthy, and most are also now budding entrepreneurs.

Professional Background

My first job was selling footwear at Kinney Shoes.  I was sixteen and still in high school and I quit after three days because I had to hitchhike 15 miles to get to and from work.  From there, I worked the usual string of fast food jobs and low-wage grunt labor (I even assembled circuit boards at one job), but I always felt incomplete working for someone else.

In 1976, my father hired me to work for his business as an office clerk and typist and it was there I realized how much I loved business and not “work.”  I eventually left the family business to make my way in the corporate world and was doing well on my own when I made the decision to drop it all and become a stay-at-home mom after adopting my first child.

I loved being a mom, but I also needed to work as husband #1 was rarely employed and while he was happy to have his parents pay our bills, I was not.  In 1990 I opened a retail store (I could take my new baby with me to work!), started an online craft business, and offered in-home daycare services to supplement my income when I shut down my retail store after only one year (retail turned out to just not be my passion).

Fast forward a few years and my bad marriage ends (badly), and I become a single mom to four miracle children — with no income, no alimony, and no child support.  I took a job as an online community director, went on food stamps, and went to college for the first time at age 40.

Due to complex medical and special challenges, working outside the home was simply not an option for me (and as a single mom could never afford daycare for four kids anyhow), and so, in 2005 I taught myself HTML and began building websites to advocate for people with diabetes as my own four-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I also began studying  marketing from the best — my father, David B. Wolfe, a published author and world-renowned marketer.  The father who gave me my first office job would eventually come work for me during his final years as he battled cancer.  He imparted to me his wisdom, philosophies, and strategies and in my own marketing practices, his legacy lives on.

With the help and strong support of my then boyfriend, now husband, in 2007 I founded a marketing firm (LAWolfe Digital Marketing) that continues to be a success some nine years later.  My first-born, whom I gave up the corporate world to stay at home with now is my business partner and we work together.  I also founded (2006) and ran for five years, the nation’s largest diabetes medical supply assistance organization in the United States that provided free insulin pumps to people with diabetes in need.

The Move From Women in Business to Women 40260

I created the entire Women in Business subdomain on and continued to write for for more than eight years before it was time to move on.  I hope that you will enjoy this new website I have created, but much of my content is still available on the web. sold my site to who put most of my articles on The Balance.

I created Women 40260 (women 40 to 60) as a virtual place for women of all ages, but with a special emphasis on women in midlife in part because I am 55 and well into midlife.  I have gone through many of the normal aging processes, had my first pregnancy at 39, and not long after, a hysterectomy thanks to polycystic ovarian syndrome.  I ended a bad marriage at 40 and remarried at 50.

My husband and children are my world and biggest supporters.  I thank God for them each and every day, and for being able to be gainfully self-employed for so many years so that I can enjoy the rewards of success while not having to give up being a wife and mother.

Welcome to Women 40260.  I hope you feel most welcomed here because you are!