About The Key of Woman

Lahle WolfeThis website is devoted exclusively to female musicians, singer/songwriters and artists as well as women in the music and recording industry.  TKW is not limited by genre and spans across time for as far back as we can go in musical history.

TKW is a place to come to discover new genres and new female artists and to find artists similar to the ones you already know and love.  And, if you are a female musician, singer, or otherwise involved in the biz tell me about yourself or send your press releases.

This site is far from complete and needs you.

When this site was launched, there were only cameos and music for 100 women artists.  If your favorite artist is not here yet, please, be patient.  Each day, we are adding dozens more artists, bands, videos, and MP3s and it is my intention to incorporate every known female artist I can from throughout the world.

Please help us grow

1977 Guild S300D. Watercolor by Lahle Wolfe.The Key of Woman was created to introduce music lovers to female musicians, singer/songwriters, recording artists, and to share stories and interviews of producers, agents, and other professional women working in the music industry.  We hope that you discover new female artists as you browse this site.

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And on that note…

Lahle Wolfe
Creator, The Key of Woman